Gabby has been an esthetician / lash artist for the last 9 incredibly fast years. Shortly after graduating esthetician school, she embraced her entrepreneurial spirit and founded Flawless Lash Studio in 2011 and absolutely loves what she does and it shows She just recently moved her studio into a private, relaxing suite inside of Blonde Faith. She says that “moving to Blonde Faith has given me the chance to surround myself with like-minded women I’ve had the chance to meet some amazing women and give them the gift of gab🤪/ lashes. Witnessing the confidence my lash extensions give my guests is so fulfilling and inspires me to consistently lash with intention and purpose, while never compromising the health of the natural lash. I strive to give the 𝐛𝐞𝐬𝐭 quality lashes that enhance the natural beauty of each gal I see. “

Blonde Faith could not be happier than to partner with the absolute best in Flawless Austin and her offerings of the most perfect and exquisite lashes possible. Gabby has set a new standard for lash services and we are proud to have such a professional perfectionist on board.
A few fun facts from Gabby…..

“I’m a huge nerd and love video games. I mainly play on my PS4 and will play just about anything! My husband often gets upset that I’m better than him. Love you @omeganine. .
I ritually listen to podcasts and audible books. Joe Rogan, My Favorite Murder and anything true crime related is my jam!
Coffee and Red Wine are life.
Blowouts are a girls best friend. Seriously... I rarely ever have to wash my hair. 💁🏼‍♀️

I met Blonde Faith through their aesthetician Jennifer because I love the “Hydrafacial” skin treatment.

I love helping women in the lash industry and think it’s so important for all of us to build each other up. My lash bestie @lashkrush is always there to inspire the confidence I need and I encourage other lash artists to surround themselves with strong badass boss babes!”

A Bio written by a loyal client: "“This is Gabby, she looks like a model but acts like the bff you have always wanted. She’s awesome AND smart AND super funny. Oh and did I mention she’s the best lash esthetician in Austin? Kind of a cool bonus. She also doubles as your therapist. BOOK HER NOW”

We couldn’t agree more!

Find her on Instagram @flawless_austin.