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extensions / Styling

Extensions and Color Corrections require a consultation with a stylist in which they will offer a quote for the price of the service.

*cuts by Master Cutter Kaela Beutler $85

At Blonde Faith Salon, we have three levels of stylist experience and pricing:

Platinum, Gold, and Silver.


Platinum is our highest level and is for our stylists that are the busiest.  Their services are in demand, they book out several weeks in advance, have the most hands-on experience and meet other benchmarks such as customer satisfaction and referrals from happy clients.  They are booked all day, most every day, and will use apprentices for shampooing and blowdrying their clients, while performing all the color work and cutting personally.

Our current stylists performing at the Platinum Level are ALLY FEEZEL, ASHLEY BROOKS, Alyssa Patterson, ABBY EVANS, AND Kaela Beutler (Master Cutter).


Gold is our middle level and is for stylists who are successfully growing their clientele, whose schedules are busy and they meet benchmarks such as customer satisfaction and referrals from happy clients.  These stylists may use assistants for shampooing and their services may take a bit longer as they are not as tightly booked as our highest level.  Their prices are lower than our highest level and appointments can usually be made sooner, but they are well on their way to becoming a highest level stylist at Blonde Faith.

Our current stylists performing at the Gold Level are PEYTON CORNELISON, Michelle McGowan, Meagan Slusarski, Lindsey Hansen, ANDI HOLLIDAY,  BREN RAMIREZ and Jolie boatright.


Silver is our first level of stylist at the salon, but these stylists have often been at the salon for a year or more as apprentices in our education program.  They may have come from another salon and are in a period of assessment and growth at Blonde Faith.  They are performing work that is up to our standards at Blonde Faith, but are also growing their clientele.  They are striving to achieve important benchmarks such as customer satisfaction, and referrals from happy clients.  Their prices are the lowest.

Our current stylists offering services at the Silver Level are katherine riggs, MEGAN FELT AND AMANDA ALARCON.


A comprehensive service menu with descriptions is found under the "Aesthetics" tab on this website.

We also use apprentices who act as assistants to the stylists while they are learning and building their skills.  They are fully licensed cosmetologists who have completed 1-2 years of school, passed licensing tests and are in our education program where they receive many, many opportunities for learning such as in-house classes and industry classes. They enable us to run on time and make services more efficient by shampooing for the stylists, combing out hair, sometimes applying “glazes” at the end of the service and blow drying using methods we have taught them.  These assistants are fast becoming stylists and are a great addition to our team and compliment the color services we are able to offer such as Balayage which is labor intensive and requires an assist.

Rest assured that no matter what level you may choose, all stylists at Blonde Faith are part of our team, are not “independent contractors” (aka booth renters) and are accountable for their services, working together to offer the best services possible, and are in a supportive structured environment to yield the best customer results possible.

Feel free to call the salon at 512 467-4717, and speak with management at any time if you have questions, would like to discuss choosing a stylist, or have any questions at all.

Note to New Clients choosing a stylist:

Many new clients find it helpful to view our Facebook, Instagram and the individual stylist’s Instagram accounts as we post our work everyday and you will find thousands of pictures of our work and the name of the stylist who performed the work.  

Consultations are always complimentary and you may talk with a stylist either in a consultation appointment or by email or texting with pictures.